Learning Process





  Curriculum in Higher education is a set of setting and planning about content, study material, teaching material and material assessing that can be used as learning activity references in higher education.


Language Education Faculty facilitates the arrangement, implementation, curriculum development of study program in faculty in a form of organization supporting, facility, and finance.

  Faculty assigned that Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) regarding to arrangement of curriculum and curriculum development are initiated by clumps and interest from each study program which comprise language teaching interest, language, translation, language learning, curriculum, and culture.

According to PERMENDIKNAS no 17 year 2010, Faculty facilitates each of study programs to apply Competency- Based Curriculum where its implementation needs teaching material, lecturers, classroom, and finance. Curriculum applied by FPB refers to Rector Decree about the implementation of KBK in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.









Faculty provides several facilities for each of study programs such as new curriculum socialization through media, score conversion from old curriculum to the latest curriculum which is helped by administration staff, and curriculum set up on the academic management information system.



  In achieving the implementation of evaluation and curriculum development which is done routinely every year, faculty facilitates each of study programs in finance sector (10 % from 45 % SPP Variable which is managed by faculty.




System of Quality Assurance

  Here are several actions that have been done by faculty since the establishment of three study programs:   Language Education Faculty of UMY has the system of quality assurance which is integrated with the system of quality assurance in UMY. In that system, process of monitoring and evaluating are supported by GKM from several representatives from each study program in Language Education Faculty. The role of GKM are to monitor and evaluate the process of study, practicum, internship, and examination. Sustainably, GKM holds a meeting every year with students and coordinator of academic to discuss the achievements of academic and planning of academic quality. Besides, GKM also arranged the questionnaire and collected the performance data from each study program to evaluate the learning process that had been implemented. The results and findings from those evaluation would be reported to Quality Control Board (GKM) work unit performance report to be processed and integrated being academic performance report of university comprehensively and being reported on the mechanism of half-year working meeting (RKKT) at the end of odd/even semester and it is also done for annual working meeting at the end of year continually.


Academic Atmosphere


Policy support

  Language Education Faculty really concerns to the academic atmosphere. One of indicators that is expected by FPB from the academic atmosphere is students and lecturers enjoy to stay in campus. From that indicator, Language Education Faculty gives the facility to each study program to create the conducive academic atmosphere. Here are the sort of supporting that have been given by FPB to create conducive academic atmosphere.   In order to support a conducive academic atmosphere, faculty has assigned and imposed the standard policy which is valid for civitas of academic that is found in academic guide book that comprise policy about organization and personal, types of study, academic condition and procedure, the result of examination and evaluation of study, yudisium and graduation, institutional, technique practitioner unit and supporting unit, students development and coaching, lecturers’ ethic code, students’ code of conduct.


Facilities and Infrastructures support

  Kinds of facilities and infrastructure given by Language Education Faculty to students are: library, trial room, canteen, mosque, polyclinic, discussion corner, UKM plaza, seminar room, nature discussion zone, dormitory, sport center, mini theater, Student center learning room, language laboratory, academic display room, American Corner, Warung Perancis, room for BEM FPB, senate, HMJ, WIFI, Digital catalog of skripsi, student center, and discussion park.


Finance Support

  Language Education Faculty also gives finance supporting to students and lecturer from each study program.


Academic activity support

  Here are several kinds of support given by Language Education Faculty of UMY to create good interaction among civitas academic in FPB: students’ center learning based which is supported by several facilities such as classroom with SCL design, self-development study which is facilitated with sound system and multimedia, regular classroom which is completed with LCD, sound system, and internet access. Besides, Language Education Faculty also provides outside activities for FPB students such as actual discussion, e-learning discussion forum, UKM, HMJ, BEM, students’ senate, skripsi and academic guiding, partnership research, competency service which involve students, public lecture, internship, Wi-Fi utility, English Club, and Tuesday Meeting.