Vision & Mission of FPB


Towards a modern, professional, characterized, with international insight Faculty of Education with Islamic values as its based for the people benefit


  1. Increase human dignity to reinforce humanity and civilization values
  2. Administer professional education, research and community service
  3. Develop students to be noble and insightful graduates with board competence in science and technology
  4. Implement updated learning method by developing techniques, methodelogy, and creative learning approach
  5. Develop all teaching and learning field

General Goal:

Producing  professional teachers with pedagogy, personal, social and professional competencies who are capable to develop science and technology, and beneficial for the nation and humanity

Specific Goals:

  1. Mastering, developing, and applying science and technology based on Islamic values, humanities, akhlakul karimah, and good etiquette;
  2. Producing professional teachers who are capable to be role models for their surrounding in order to fulfill national and international educational needs;
  3. Producing research and scientific work for national and international reference;
  4. Developing Islamic academic community that is upholding the truth, fairness, honesty, sincerity and responsive toward the change;
  5. Creating academic atmosphere that can trigger open, critical-constructive, and innovative thought;
  6. Expanding cooperation with various national and international institution to advance education, research, management and service;
  7. Producing graduates with Islamic integrity and morality in their respective or social life.