History of FPB

Language Education Department is a new faculty in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Language Education Department was established based on UMY rector decree No: 109/SK UMY/IV/2013 on April, 11th 2013. Language Education Faculty has three programs, namely English Education Department, Arabic Education Department, and Japanese Education Department.

The establishment of Language Education Faculty was definitely something unbreakable among the establishment of three study program in language education faculty with language training center and social and also politic faculty of UMY because they are the initiator of the establishment of Language Education Faculty. Jati Suryanto, S.Pd as the head of language training center began to make a proposal of English Education Department establishment which was helped by the chief of Task force, Suryanto, S.Pd., M.H.Sc and also his solid teams such as Maryam Sorohiti, SS. M.H.Sc., Gendroyono, S.Pd., M.Pd, Sri Sudarsi, SS., Eko Purwanti, S.Pd., M.Hum, Jati Suryanto, S.Pd., Endro Dwi Hatmanto, S.Pd., MA, Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, S.Pd., MA and Indah Puspawati, S.

This team began to do market research and properness study which was continued by making study program establishment proposal to DIKTI in 2009. Finally, because their cooperation and hardworking, the new study program was established on May 2010 under Social and Politic Faculty. Social and Politic Faculty really took important role in the establishment of language Education faculty.

It did not need a long time after the establishment of English education department, the head of language training center immediately gathered Arabic and Japanese instructor in working unit to prepare the proposal of the establishment of Arabic and Japanese department. The proposal making of Arabic Education Department was led by Erfan Ghazali, S.Ag., M.Ag. dan Ana Taqwa Wati, S.Pd.I, while the proposal making of japanese Education Department was led by Drs. Muhamad Kusnendar dan Drs. Mahmud Janal. These two proposals were submitted to DIKTI in 2011. Furthermore, with the supporting from young bachelors from UIN SUNAN KALIJAGA yogya, therefore the new study program, namely Arabic Education Department was officially established in 2012, and a year after the establishment of Arabic Education Department, the Japanese Education Department was also officially established under Dedi Suryadi, M.Ed., Ph.D bachelor from UPI Bandung.

With these three study programs, Ir Dasron hamid as a rector of UMY announced that Language Education Faculty was officially established om October, 13th 2013. The following days after that, especially on October, 15th 2013  Jati Suryanto,M.A was officially chosen as a temporary dean of Language Education Faculty until the definitive dean was chosen. Therefore, the new history of Language Education Department is begin. The very fenomenal name because it was chosen by the legendary Rector at the end of his heroic position. The letter decree about the establishment of Language Education faculty was signed by new rector, namely Profesor Dr. Bambang Cipto MA on April, 11th 2013. The first boards of Language Education faculty were  Jati Suryanto, S.Pd., MA as a dean, Drs. M. Kusmendar, M.Pd., as Vice Dean I, and Dedi Suryadi, M.Ed., Ph.D. as Vice Dean II


As of today, the accreditation for each study program are: