1. Classroom

In teaching learning activity, there are several activities conducted such as group discussion and presentation. For supporting those activities, Language Education Faculty provides adequate facilities such as air conditioner, LCD Projectors, and sound system in order to make conducive learning process.

2. Library

The library of UMY provides  a bunch of references such as books, thesis, journals, and proceedings. It is also completed with convenient reading room and multimedia room. By having these facilities, it is expected that all students from The Faculty of Language Education can access the information needed easily.

3. Polyclinic of UMY

Besides having those facilities above, UMY also provides a polyclinic for students to get medical check up. This polyclinic is located on the ground floor of Lapangan Bintang UMY. it is accessible for the whole academic society.

4. Sports

Instead of supporting students with academic activities, UMY also accommodates the students with physical activity facilities such as futsal, tennis-ball, basket-ball, badminton, and volley-ball field.

5. Cafeteria

One of new facilities which is added by UMY is cafeteria. It is located on  KH. Ibrahim building (E7) 1st floor. This Cafeteria can be utilized for students from Language Education Faculty UMY to get meals and also can use this place to have discussions and meetings.

6. Boga Canteen of UMY

UMY also has another canteen which is known as Boga Canteen. It is the biggest canteen in UMY because it provides more menus of food and drink. In order to create a comfortable place, UMY also facilitates this canteen with adequate dining table.

7. KH. Ahmad Dahlan Mosque

The last facility that is provided by UMY is Ahmad Dahlan Mosque. Moreover, this mosque is not only used as the prayer area, but, some areas of this mosque also used as a public space for students’ activities, such as discussion and meetings.